BP Moorhouse, Christchurch

This was a fantastic project for CMT Group to sink its teeth into and test its staff and resources. This is one of the many projects CMT Group now has under its belt during its ascension into commercial projects. Initially when CMT Group tendered for this in early 2018, it was a high profile service station to be done in central Christchurch with traffic control, deep excavation, extreme logistics for cranes and site safety to be undertaken. However daunting the obstacles for this project may have been for any other company, it was nothing unusual for CMT Group, as we are fully capable of everything as can be seen from the photos.

Work began in August 2018 for W&W Construction and Fuel Installations. Erection of fencing around the property was the first step, with safety being of utmost importance. Services were disconnected from the boundary and demolition and removal of the iconic Sylvester Motor showroom and buildings commenced. The entire site was cleared and excavated to a depth of 1.5m and a gravel raft created for the entire site to sit upon. Due to the earthquake situation in Christchurch this bedding platform had to be of the highest standard to withstand any future movement during an earthquake.


The areas for the tanks, pipework and pits were laid by CMT Group and Traffic management for the installation of the tanks, tilt slabs and vehicles and equipment on and off the site was managed by CMT Group as was all the Site Safety. Logistics of this project was interesting to say the least but it was handled with a well organised crew and professionally done from start to finish. Nothing was an issue and problems were solved with minimal of stress. The deadlines set by the client were met and the service station opened for business at 6am 19th December 2018.











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