About 2 _ CMT Group
About 2 _ CMT Group


Civil Works

Conpavers has been involved with work in the civil area for over 20 years. We are capable of working on civil projects up to $5m and have done so in the Marlborough and Canterbury regions, recently branching out as far as Southland and the North Island to Hamilton. We have experienced teams that work well with all aspects of new subdivisions, kerb work, paths, reinstatements, threshold and sidewalk paving. Some of our projects attest to the quality and scale of works that are involved. With equipment and diggers ready to take care of any size project they are utilised all year round from project to project.


Our project managers are skilled in coordinating all our staff and programming in jobs from southland to northland. Patience and communication with our clients is key to success. We aim for our clients to know detailed information on the running of their project and where we stand with deadlines and issues that may arise during the creation of a project. No matter where Conpavers is at in the chain, communication is first and foremost.

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